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About Unicorn Tire Corporation

A Supplier You Can Trust!


Since its establishment in 2006, USA-based Unicorn Tire Corp. has been specializing in quality tires for all vocations!


We cooperate with many of the industry's leading manufacturers and suppliers from the United States and around the world.

We cooperate with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers from Asia allowing us to offer a wide range of private and factory brands at very competitive prices.


Unicorn Tire Corp. offers the knowledge, experience, confidence, and capability to supply customers around the world."

Company Profile

A Supplier You Can Trust!


Unicorn Tire Corporation


Tel: 901-547-5866
Fax: 901-547-5867


Unicorn Tire - Headquarter Memphis

4045 Willow Lake Blvd

Memphis TN 38118

Unicorn Tire - Houston

9333 S. Sam Houston Parkway W., Suite 100

Missouri City, Texas, 77489

​Unicorn Tire - Las Vegas

5775 E. North Belt Rd
North Las Vegas NV 89115
United States

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